2021 Who’s who / Chi siamo

Info about VENETUS 2021 organizers, in aphabetical order, we are:

  • Associazione Culturale Athesis APS – BFI EFI
  • Circolo fotografico l’Obiettivo Dolo – BFI
  • Confraternita del Fotofilò

Associazione Culturale Athesis APS – BFI EFI

web https://www.athesis77.it/
Since 1977, begun as cine photo club based in Padua’ province, during the years expand it’s mission following the goal of new members, from photo-only upto paintings, poetry, history, and in ’90 upto computer graphics,  internet, and much more. On the maps Athesis is based in an area near the Adige river, from here cooperate and collaborate with other nonprofit association, cultural and public society near Padua and Rovigo, and thru internet in all the world. Associazione Culturale Athesis was first photo club that organized an internet digital based photo contest with FIAP n FIAF Patronage. Actually founded and maintain the ATHESIS MUSEO FOTOGRAFIA VENETO, with over 300K images in it, about land areas named Bassa Padovana and Polesine.  Continuous contribute to Federazione Italiana Associazioni Fotografiche grow was recognized from FIAF with 2 distinction: Benemerito della Fotografia Italiana and Encomiabile della Fotografia Italiana.

Circolo Fotografico l’Obiettivo – Dolo BFI

web https://circoloobiettivodolo.it/

Il Circolo Fotografico L’Obiettivo was founded in 1969 by Paolo Prando together with his friends Ruggero Zausa and Mario Orbetelli. Paolo Prando, Photographer Artist AFIAP and BFI, is still president of the club, as well as area delegate of the Province of Venice for the FIAF. In the seventies, calling into question the system of evaluation of competitions, the club has helped to renew the Federation (Federazione Italiana Associazioni Fotografiche) and in general the world of Italian amateur photography, distinguishing itself among other things, In 1976, together with the Fotoclub Padova, he was invited to Poland for a group show, in the cities of Warsaw, Kielce and Krakow. With the Kontrast club in Kielce, a solid exchange was started. Two years later he landed in Russia, exhibiting in Moscow, Kiev, Leningrad. He organized in Italy a collective of Russian authors, welcoming Olga Suslova, director of the Soviet magazine Photo Magazine. It is also worth remembering the visit to Dolo of a delegation of Chinese photographers. For the intense activity of cultural exchange, Paolo Prando is awarded by the FIAF the title of Merit of Italian Photography (BFI). In the social activity of the Objective, the experience of the historical members and founders is well integrated with the curiosity and the desire to put themselves in the game of those who arrived after, bringing new instances; in the foreground, always, sharing and exchange, human and artistic.

Confraternita del FotoFilò

web https://venetus.eu/confraternita

The Confraternity was born in April 2016, under the auspices of the Athesis Cultural Association of Boara Pisani and the Photographic Circle the Objective of Dolo, from a vision of Graziano Zanin and supported by Gianpaolo Prando, who conceive it as a project of the aforementioned associations.
Manfredo Manfroi, former president of the La Gondola photographic club in Venice, Gustavo Millozzi honorary president of the Fotoclub Padova and the Antenore Photographic Group, former secretary and now honorary member of the photographic circle La Gondola di Venezia, join the initiative, which breathes strongly FIAF air. president of the Fotoclub 3B Bruco Blu Brugine, Pino Ferrati, the president of the Fotoclub Cavarzere Duilio Avezzù, the Athesis members Massimo Rainato (director of the FIAF Web department), Valerio Capello, Giovanni Casna, Maurizio Cavaliere, Antonio Durello, Franco Pasqualin, Piero Pilati, Franco Rubini, Antonello Zambon, the partner of the Obiettivo Alessio Boscolo and the sympathizer Athesis Marco Maria Zanin.

The activity of the Confraternity develops around the vision / discussion of the works of the members, the reports of Manfredo Manfroi and the tasting of the culinary creations of Franco Pasqualin, an expert lover / lover of traditional Venetian cuisine, as well as occasionally other collaborators, in particular of Piero Pilati.
The 2016 activity is summarized and collected in a volume containing the photographs regarding the meetings and relations of Manfredo Manfroi who on 23 February 2017 was appointed president of the Confraternity of FotoFilò, immediately after the decision to register the association with the FIAF .
The 2017 activity sees the involvement of prestigious guests, including international ones.
The Confraternity hosted and was hosted by: Gianni Berengo Gardin, Roberto Bianchi, Cesare Gerolimetto, Lino Ghidoni, Franco Rossi, Gianni Mantovani, Nino Miglior, Laura Mosso, Roberto Puato, Pierluigi Rizzato, Giuseppe Tomelleri, Diego Speri and Mario Vidor.